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 Terms and Condition Of Vengence X

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PostSubject: Terms and Condition Of Vengence X   Terms and Condition Of Vengence X Icon_minitimeThu May 05, 2011 7:28 pm

1. By Playing Flaming Ags, You Have Agreed to ALL the Terms and Conditions of Flaming Ags: As the title dictates, by playing Flaming AGS, you have agreed to ALL of the Terms and Conditions of Flaming AGS. (ALL, which includes the donating Terms and Coniditions)

2. Cussing: Cussing is aloud in the server but that doesn't mean you can take advantage of it. If it's causing a problem, mutes may be put in place. Starting fights isn't aloud and if you do you may be jailed, muted, or banned for a period of time. Cussing at Mods and Admins may get your muted, banned, or jailed for a period of time or for ever.

3. Hacks: HACKS ARE NOT ALLOWED ( OUR SERVER AUTO DECTECTS Auto clicker and auto typer )

4. Respect Your Fellow Players: Respect everyone playing FGS to make the community a better place.

5: Spam Will Not Be Tolerated: Spam will get you into IPBAN for ever. You cant apply for that on forums. we Dont care why or what happened.

6: Enjoy: Please enjoy our server.

7: Use Common Sense. If a rule is not listed, that doesn't mean it will not be enforced. Please use common sence while playing FGS to make the experince more enjoyable for you and everyone.

8: No Whining: Please don't beg or whine for items, previliges, etc. Whiners/Beggers can be jailed, banned, or muted depending on the mods feelings toward the action. If your banned and create another account to come whine about it you will be IP-Banned. If you feel you were wrongly banned you may post it on forums. If you would like to be unbanned you may donate the sum required. to do unbanned. To find a list of donating items and priviliges and their prices, please look on the Donating page.

9: Donating : There are no Refunds For Flamingags donations. But we do not Scam. We absoulutely Do Not give back refunds. If After you donate , and server goes offline. Its too bad for you guys. Also After Donations, you get banned, its not our fault. you broke the rule. So no refunds there also. You can appeal a ban on forums for that though

10. DONATIONS ONLY GOES TO ZACH AND RAAAH - if you donate to other people = perm ip for donator and for the person who got donations

11. Owners can redrict persons to any site... they owner wants... they cant report the site for doing this.

From ,

Zach And Raaah -
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Terms and Condition Of Vengence X
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